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Denver’s Premier Taxidermist

“It looks so real you’ll want to shoot it again!”

elkHOMEPAGERob Zander, the proud owner of A Lasting Memory Taxidermy, welcomes you into his shop where the walls are lined with trophies in all stages of being mounted. Whether it’s a monstrous bugling elk or a Dahl Sheep climbing a rock, Rob will find a pose that will preserve your lasting memory. A Lasting Memory Taxidermy is located in Commerce City, just a stone’s throw away from Denver, Colorado.

Rob has been around animals all of his life and is fascinated with the beauty of each species.

When you walk into his shop in Commerce City, you will notice his extreme attention to detail and his dedication to making trophies look incredibly lifelike.

If you are looking for quality taxidermy mounts, you have found the right wildlife artist. There is not an animal too big or too small that Rob Zander can’t handle.

Whether you are looking for a fish mount, a shoulder mount or a lifesize mount along with the correct habitat, Rob’s artistic merit is second to none.

When you meet Rob, you will find that he is very knowledgeable and personable. He is willing to speak with each hunter in regard to upcoming hunts, overseas adventures, importing and exporting, field dressing and field care. He also loves to hear your hunting stories.

Rob has been working hard as a wildlife artist in the taxidermy field being able to recreate nature as it was moments before the harvest.

Thanks to the outstanding artistry of professional sculptors, many taxidermy supply companies have a wide variety of forms to choose from.

Between the artwork in the forms and Rob’s natural abilities with taxidermy, you will be a satisfied individual.

Call Rob at 303-944-5003 to arrange a visit to his workshop.